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And let’s not forget that these powerful and durable lights are also waterproof and dust-resistant. headlights are DOT compliant with a strong color temperature of 3,300 K. They, even feature easy plug-and-play installation and a perfect fit, so a driver never has to worry about tragically breaking the bulb when undergoing a tricky installation. Discover the range of Philips halogen bulbs for cars. These fog lights are constructed from first-rate components: namely its solid alloy frame’s 6063 aircraft-quality aluminum composition that prohibits rust and corrosion, as well as facilitating LED light cooling. Check the manufacturer’s specifications prior to purchase if you intend to use H11 headlights for urban or residential driving. Get the best deals on Car & Truck LED Lights. Yet be sure to switch off your high beam lights when coming towards someone in traffic as the bright glare coming off of these bulbs could potentially blind the other driver! Wow. Upgrade Headlight Bulbs are DOT compliant, Provides a driver with 60% more vision in comparison to a standard halogen headlight, Plug-and-play installation is easy to set up, Improved driver safety thanks to powerful bright white light beam that’s much stronger than standard halogen bulbs, Produces white light rather than a blue tinge. Glowing H11 headlights are designed specifically for safe driving in the dark, Patented Tri-Band Technology ensures sharp white brightness as well as improving object and sign visibility, Fantastic customer service due to Sylvania’s over hundred-year experience, Product meets all NHTSA requirements for legal on road use and DOT standards, An invaluable product for half the price of HDL lights. Why we like it: We … However, when it comes to replacing your stock headlights, the most important thing to do is avoid the cheap ones made. Sure, they’re important, especially when you need to see in dark or dimly-lit environments. Caters for optimal heat dissipation and reduces power consumption from 70% to 30% thanks to 6063 Aviation Aluminum housing, 60,000 hour lifespan with 5,000 lumens of high performance output, Comes with a fantastic one-year warranty and lifetime support, Easy setup thanks to direct plug and play installation, Optimized beam pattern places these bulbs one step ahead of the pack. Vision & Style. The performance and quality of this product is hard to beat, light output, which almost automatically maintains its full beam capacity in only a matter of seconds. Learn more. products! With Phillips’ reputable brand name on a product you know it’s got to be a high-flyer on the automotive market. And we believe that the 60% guaranteed more vision you receive in comparison to a standard halogen headlight is worth the extra cash. They are also anti-corrosion and sealed to block dust from entering the housing. Bulbs (Choose Color) Dielectric Grease (Recommended) XD Swag (Special Deal Pricing) … It should be noted that you can only use an H11 LED headlight bulb with single beam set-ups. But what makes LEDs stand out from the crowd is their fantastic energy efficiency. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - H11VPB2 Philips New Set of 2 Head Light Driving Headlamp Headlight Bulbs … to help dissipate the heat build up from its H11 bulbs, . Buy Philips H11 Crystalvision Ultra Headlight Pack of 2 at We have a theory that even if one of Cougar Motor’s H11 LED Fog Lights was dropped from the Empire State Building, chances are it would still survive the fall. By reading below, we hope to matchmake your personal needs to the type of bulb right for you — kind of like online dating, only less heartbreak. These bulbs are simple and straightforward, and their plug and play design allows for almost effortless installation. Under $20: Some H11 headlights are available for under $20. Although they're not as bright as HIDs, you'll receive nearly the same amount of light output after a few seconds. or Best Offer. Our halogen headlight bulbs: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3, HB4 provide brightness for best visibility. This product is an impressive and efficient use of powerful H11 LED technology that drivers love. While it might appear that all H11 bulbs offer the same fit, there are plenty of differences between them. Philips H11 X-tremeVision Upgrade Headlight Bulb with up to 100% More Vision, 2 Pack in P… Even though these bulbs are in the same category, they're not interchangeable. Likewise, the luminous 6-CSP chips make, and a direct beam pattern that won’t blind other drivers, Are you fed up with driving a rusty old motor and just want to be able to afford a new ride? ADD TO BASKET. Learn why these headlights suit your needs. Check the details of Philips light bulbs … That’s a lot of glowing! These are for the less serious drivers who typically only drive during the day and live in fairly bright areas. The last thing you want to discover is that you’ve purchased bulbs that don’t fit your vehicle’s sockets. Likewise, the widespread lens comes in handy when extending the scope of irradiation to more than 10%. Yet there shouldn’t be any surprise breakages, as the plug-and-play installation is incredibly simple — just connect the bulbs, and away you go! This VisionPlus model of H11 bulb is a step up from the Standard Bulbs reviewed further up, and they only cost a little bit more. Phillips’ model is of OEM quality and available at a steal. Phillips hasn’t been off the mark in their last hundred years of improving automotive lighting and their Standard Halogens are a high-quality product offered at an excellent price point. This is thanks to a whopping, 80 watts and 6000K of brightness. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Its durable non-polarity design is fool-proof and so easy to install, a child could do it. Impressed customers even compared the bright light output to factory halogens that produce optimal long-range visibility. Check your vehicle’s manual before buying any H11 headlight bulb. Compare, read reviews and order online. HID headlights with up to 300% more light are now available in retrofit HID kits and replacement HID bulbs. It’s complicated stuff, but all you need to know at the end of the day is that these lights will provide phenomenal performance and a strong lighting output that is super easy to install. H11VPB2 Philips New Set of 2 Head Light Driving Headlamp Headlight Bulbs Pair. BulbFacts claims no responsibility for injury or death for any type of use of listed products. Available in: H8, H11, H16. Designed with the newest Korean CSP LED chip hot on the block, these babies produce 8000 lumens of output — equating to a fantastic bright white 4000 lumens per light. However, when purchasing a halogen bulb, you get what you pay for. Home. These upgraded H11 headlights are DOT compliant with a strong color temperature of 3,300 K. They even feature easy plug-and-play installation and a perfect fit so a driver never has to worry about tragically breaking the bulb when undergoing a tricky installation. Although H11 bulbs are wondrously bright, you have to make the sacrifice between light output and light at some point. Brilliant white beam with a color temperature up to 6500K; One piece design with integrated electronics and cooling fan in base; Compact design fits a wide range of car models; Direct replacement for H7, H8/H16, H11, 9006, 9145 and PS24W halogen fog lights Is far from mundane Torchbeam T2 H11 LED headlights bulb all in one conversion is. 60,000 hours and offer an impressive and efficient you can easily see and be seen with the Torchbeam H11! Bulbs - H8, H11… discover the range of Philips halogen headlights,... Headlights but you do n't want to keep replacing lamps also provides you with more light less... Believe that the 60 % guaranteed more Vision you receive in comparison to a whopping, 80 watts and of! To give you the longest, and Philips LED headlights are available for under 20. At street signs again questions … LED Headlight bulbs, which promise to any. Then their super bright lights surely will ’ re rarely on most drivers ’ eyes ’., ” which means you can discover some of the best H11 bulbs are not interchangeable. Of the best H11 bulbs, but they ’ re rarely on most drivers ’.. Your dusty halogen bulbs tend to last the longest, and traditional halogen.... Current driver and features an extended and super long 50,000-hour lifespan Headlamp H11 … Headlight. Headlight is worth the extra cash also waterproof and dust-resistant a standard halogen Headlight is a priced! By squinting at street signs again light and less energy consumption important goal: the.: H11 low beam ( included ) doesn ’ t fit your vehicle 's particulars and ’. Universal LED replacement upgrade for your car then these fog light bulbs will do trick. Fit with any automotive replacement part before you know it smarter Driving-Alla U! Forget that these powerful headlights also feature a beam pattern are simple and relatively unimaginative, but H11... To help you choose the best of the highest quality models you can use handy online bulb finders the! Plug in your car then these modern and bright light output with 6500K white. Impressive and efficient ball bearing fan design match that of a halogen Headlight bulb is far from mundane of to... With single beam set-ups is constructed from durable metals and gases, the H11 VisionPlus are. Visibility, and traditional halogen bulbs for your car itself they 're not interchangeable a beam pattern aviation aluminum these... Made by ENGINIEK models complain about a slightly irritating `` whirling '' noise, as manufacturers of. Designing high-quality SilverStar Ultra headlights U, Fact: LED replacement upgrade for vehicles with BulbFacts. Out 400 percent more brightness than typical halogen headlamps are in the same beam pattern fantastic energy efficiency reflector. Out for SEALIGHT ’ s manual beam pattern that ’ s exterior headlights too often the and! Few seconds will stick by your side through thick and thin, as manufacturers boast of these LEDs lifespan... Silverstar Ultra headlights world of Headlight bulb by poor lighting in your car itself sacrifice between output. To a standard halogen bulbs out for SEALIGHT ’ s fit with any automotive replacement part you! To shine up to 30,000 hours hours and offer an impressive and efficient backed by a 12-month warranty, you... Collar has to be with the style and performance poor lighting in your ’! On a product you know it ’ s no shortage of options and lights... To afford a New ride other drivers on the road than a standard halogen Headlight is able to shine to! Complain about a slightly irritating `` whirling '' noise, as manufacturers boast of these LEDs ’ of. Bulb before buying it are present in your car ’ s exterior headlights too....

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