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Click here to learn more, So satisfied with this gas patio heater. These eight patios will definitely make the … Rent high quality propane patio heaters in Toronto using our interactive easy to use portal. Some of our clients prefer the patio heaters which don’t produce heat but are mainly designed to improve the ambiance of the space. Buy from $599 Rent Patio Heaters Toronto patio heater proudly also provides its products to other retailers who would like to buy in bulk (10 or more heaters). © Copyright 2020 | All rights reserved by Post City Magazines, Inc.>. Nella Cutlery: 40,000 BTU outdoor heaters are … Thanks for subscribing! Outdoor patio heaters are a surprising source of emissions, so what can Toronto restaurants do to keep their carbon footprints small this winter? If you own a restaurant and are searching for ways to heat your socially-distanced patio established through the city’s CaféTO program, there are still some industrial-sized heating options available in town at the following locations. It is time -resistant and has withstood downpours. #1 Patio Furniture Rentals Toronto | Patio Chaise Lounge Rentals Toronto | Patio Umbrella Rentals Toronto | Patio Heater Rentals Toronto | We rent Patio Heaters, Patio Furniture, Wicker Patio Furniture, and Patio Umbrellas for events in Toronto. These elegant and free standing, efficient and powerful, premium quality and affordable heaters are the glue that binds together the warmth and joy that comes from coming together with our loved ones during the cold winter nights covid-19 friendly. There are two settings: low and hot heat big. DU0232. Nikolaou Restaurant Equipment: Nikolaou has ordered five patio heaters and is awaiting delivery. With dining restrictions in place, Toronto’s restaurants and bars are pulling out all the stops and extending their outdoor services. Outdoor Gathering Has Never Been That Easy! Until you actually get the team over to help install the patio heaters or just set them up for those of us who just need to rent for an event or gathering. Some companies on Facebook are renting commercial space heaters — it may be worth a call to see if these are still available. Constructed of durable powder-coated steel, this heavy-duty unit features a piezo ignition system and wide base for increased stability. The city's mayor says they have found a way to allow restaurant operators to maximize patio season by permitting portable heaters on almost all patios, making outdoor dining more appealing to customers. Read More. Electric patio heaters are a cheaper alternative to gas heaters which makes them eco-friendly. Outdoor events has never been easier. $179.99. Dudley’s Hardware: When we last spoke with an employee at Dudley’s, the store had three outdoor space heaters in-stock at $169.95 each. Shhh haha I know they’re meant for the outdoors, but I run it on the lowest setting with the window cracked open. Our patio heaters are guaranteed! … The new hang tag allows the boxes to be easily labelled for reading off the box contents without opening them. They are the best patio heaters on the market and absolutely outperform every other patio heater. Toronto Patio Heaters Toronto Natural Gas Propane Gas patio Heaters propane Outdoor Infrared Tabletop Natural Gases Toronto Protected under the following patents: Patent # 2,523,295 Canada Patent # 2,608,038 Canada Patent # 2,833,022 Canada Patent # 8,381,715 USA Nella Cutlery: 40,000 BTU outdoor heaters are available online (pick up in-store or delivered). $69.99. Allowing you to keep the party going into the night, a patio heater can help you to enjoy your garden throughout the year. A zip closure and elastic drawstring provide a secure fit and ensure easy set up and removal. Basic Plan . If you’re looking for a heater for your outdoor space, you may have difficulty finding one if you shop at big box stores. Infrared patio heaters produce a great amount of heat because it’s absorbed through its surroundings, making everything around you warmer. The infrared patio heater with stand, stand tall and pretty anywhere you set them up and provide exceptional output. The city hopes to extend the life of patio season in Toronto this year by allowing portable heaters on all outdoor patios, including ones in curb lanes. A handful of Toronto restaurants are set up to oblige our “outdoors, indoors” desires with their popular heated patios. Every single aluminium box from the Toronto series, regardless of size or purpose, stands out with its unbeatable quality. Proceed. Gas heaters can be used at the cottage, on decks, patios, repair shops and tents. Super portable, very easy to move it from room to room, I even use them indoors!

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