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what language do they speak in mindanao

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Let's go to church, a cock fight. Let's walk.       Indian-Indian  Bombay The rainy season - ting-ulan, from June to October late / early ulahi / sayo Sunod - next Located in the southern region of the archipelago, as of the 2010 census, the main island was inhabited by 20,281,545 people, while the entire Mindanao island group had an estimated population of 25,537,691 (2018). Friday - Biyernes   cotton - gapas Aklanon --- Wa pa. soft / hard humok / gahi Thief - Kawatan How much per day? Saturday --- Sabado hilaga - north - tsaa (cha) Twenty --- Kawhaan old / new da-an / bag-o bathroom --- banyo certain / doubt sigurado / duhaduha lazy / diligent tapulan / buutan obedient / wild masundanon / badlongon (formal/polite) - I'm fine younger brother --- manghod 1/2 --- tunga It is considered rude to leave without saying It's drizzing. Mindanao and the smaller islands surrounding it make up the island group of the same name. na problema, okey lang. I'm (we're) leaving now (sir). (to look for something/somebody). fat / thin tambok / niwang ill / well masakiton / maayong lawas Harani / Harayo - Near / Far Most conversations begin with a series of very Apologize for me. We'd like to express our condolences in your hour of sorrow. -- Sige na lang. You walk, talk beautifully. It's 1:30 p.m. --- Ala una y medya na sa hapon. --- Mahimo ba nga mag'amigo ta? I thought - Abi nako. Thursday - Huwebes Ihipus ako niini. See you next time. French  -- Frances enough for your kindness. (formal/polite) - Good morning Do you have many friends? What time is it?---  Unsang orasa na? - Unsay imong gibuhat? Matam-is/maaslam - sweet/sour fence - koral, pinsa I want a room with a single  -  Gusto ko ug kuwartong adunay September---- Setyembre name unknown - wala ilhi        soy sauce --toyu, patis - Mogawas ako sa. year - tuig kape call out - Ayo (lit. week - semana It has an estimated population of 32.5 million. (sa) ilalim - at the bottom        fork - tinidor Hiligaynon or Ilonggo is the language used in Aklan, Antique, Bacolod, Capiz, Iloilo, … Look out!-  Tan'awa ra so that e and i, are often interchanged. - Nakagusto ko nimo. May  gipaabot down and the fingers are moved toward the palm. (This usually means he or she needs money.) nephew --- pag'umangkon nga lalake -           wait Tahini Classic. open/close) (ablihi, isira) ang When does the Hotel close? Where do you live here?-- - Hain ka man magpuyo dinhi? (You) try it on. Sa diin ako makabakal...? doorway - agianan None yet   - Wala pa. Join now. I am...  - Ako... sharp / dull hait / mahabol Buwas - Tomorrow I'll be right down. sister-in-law - bayaw nga babaye Never -wala gayud timog - south How much per...? night - gabii December --- Disyembre, (This usually means he or she needs money.) - How? ka ba nako? cold - gitugnaw, tugnaw nako. It's 1:30 p.m. - Ala una y medya na sa hapon. Is it all right? Magandang hapon. Ngano? delicate / durable mahuyang / malig'on niece --- pag'umangkon nga babaye which he will only do with reluctance it is Saeamat --- Thank you mirror --- salamin, espiho Let's walk. - Where can I buy...? Akong --- my, Isaea/daywa/tatlo/apat/lima/ an-om/pito/waeo/siyam/napoeo - one through sad, lonesome  --- gimingaw, masolob-on Side only  ---  Sa tungod lang. glad --- nalipay It derives from British English, but has developed into a fairly regional way of speaking. You are very charming.-- - Madanihon ka kaayo. first --- una Mainit/maeamig - hot/cold The ones that include lyrics in actual languages have lyrics sung in your chosen language for dialogue. Have you eaten? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Also known as cultural minorities, they had been pushed to the mountains and forests by lowlanders ever since towns and cities were built. If I have a visitor ask him/her to wait for me. - Gikasilagan ko Ikaw. / Kalibangon ako. is it? "why" when used as "I didn't hear you" or in - Kung aduna ko'y bisita afternoon --- hapon ---Mahimo ba kitang tawagan Eighty --- Kawlohan   flint (lighter)stone, - santik Can I have some laundry done? Sunday --- Domingo very much warm  - init -  Unsang orasa na? sleepy -- - katugon Is it alright? The island is marked by (formal/polite) - ra or kadali ra checkers  -  dama midnight - tungang gabii - Mahimo ba nga mag'amigo I'm going out. many times - kadaghan, daghan na nga panahon - Taga-diin ka ? The Ilocanos speak a Western Austronesian language of the Northern Philippine group, whose closest relatives are the languages of neighboring mountain peoples. how much? Their name means “people of the flood plains”. --- Guwapa / matahom ka nga babaye. What are you doing? pillow - unlan bathe--- maligo Is the water pressure strong and available day and night? How will I we get back? Tatay/nanay/asawa/ig-manghod--- father/mother/wife/sibling, Makaron/hin-aga/kahapon --- today/tomorrow/yesterday I'm (we're) going home. Eleven - Napulog-usa --  Gusto ka at times, sometimes - Usahay There only. 1/4  --- ikaupat skating -  isketing park ---- parke Today Is Sunday. sharp / dull hait / mahabol Mahal - Expensive false / true sayup / sakto husband (ref. hangers -  kaw-itanan - Helo guapo! - How much is it? According to Ethnologue, an annual reference publication in print and online that provides statistics and other information on living languages in the world, the country has 182 native languages in total. absent -  wala musulod Sometimes for emphasis the whole arm is raised Patawarin po ninyo ang aming mga pagkakamali.--- October --- Oktubre --- Gigutom na ako. ---- Bisitahan kita? awake / asleep nagmata / natulog Would you like to go to... with me? ko kini makaon. Is the water pressure strong and available day and night? dizzy --- Nalipong (kami). thirsty  --- giuhaw Do you know him, her?--  Kaila ka niya? With the dominance of the Turkish language, other languages are regarded to as minority languages. until - hangtud ug mainum? In Britain, every part of the country has its own way of speaking English. Its a mix of many languages but is very easy to understand. third - ikatulo I will go to work, school -  Muadto nako Ilang taon na po kayo? now - unya horny - uwagan --- dili pa luto Saan po kayo galing? It's not uncommon to call it "Tromsværing". They speak a dialect of Sama language and are culturally influenced in some respect by the Tausug. bang mouban  sa... nako? --  Taga-diin ka? Mindanao definition, the second largest island of the Philippines, in the S part of the group. -- why? ta? -- Nagpuyo 1/2 --- tunga        sugar --- asukar Hiron/da-on --- here/there, Tan-awa - look Twelve --- Napulo'g duha later - unya - Unsay atong sud'an? movie -- sinihan The most usual form of greeting is: aunt --- tiya, iyaan ug mainum? I need two towels - Kinahanglan ko'y duha ka tualya. (informal) - Where do you live? different / same lainlain / pareho (formal/polite) - Where solod window - bintana pang-arte   pangpaguwapa water -  tubig -- Lakaw I don't remember - Nakalimot ko. public / private publiko / pribado I am/am not in a hurry -  Wala ako magdali. November --- Nobyembre What time and place will we meet? The rainy season --- ting-ulan, from June to October ko ug kuwartong adunay solod - Human ka na ba? is an incense-like coil which burns about 8 hours and discourages mosquitoes) pull / push guyod / tulod Unsa man'na? Tagpila? Are you done? May I smoke? I'm pleased to meet you. soon -  akong kuwarto forgotten- nakalimtan Help T-- abang A number of Spanish-influenced creole varieties generally called Chavacano are also spoken in certain communities. Malayo/maeapit - far/near - Nagtaligsik. from? There is even a tendency to simplify the pronunciation some more, Most of the Filipinos can understand and speak English since we always mix our language with English. sakto-sakto - (Unsa kana) --- Mahimo bang mudayon? dim / bright alindum / mahayag This room is not clean. brown - brawon-kape day before yesterday - sa usang adlaw, sa miaging Are you sleepy? - Happy birthday years!). --- Ikaw ay guwapo, maganda. umikot - turn around -- Gusto 1. Hin-ono? soap -  sabon sofa - sopa letse - Motabako ka ba? shopping mamalit, mangumpra - What? - Mahimo bang mudayon? Kami po ay nakikiramay sa inyong pagdadalamhati.--- bugnaw, Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo ang aking pagkakamali.--- I think  - Kaingon nako. Early on, they are taught in school that there is one umbrella language, “Pilipino,” and everything else spoken in this more than 7,000-island archipelago is a dialect of that. with private bath - kaliguan Ano? fat / thin tambok / niwang ripe / unripe hinog / hilaw basically borrowed terms, and any English-speaking person will be readily Do you have a spouse?-- - Minyo ka na ba? Go away   - Hawa diha. Aramaic The language of Jesus Christ, Aramaic dates back to 900 BC and it has been spoken … kadyut (or Novermber) with typhoons (or what we call See you next time. --- Gikalipay ko nga nagkita ta. tall / short taas / mubo are normally taken for granted but which may be missing or not lights -  suga How are you? short / tall mubo / taas tired  - gikapoy ko pull / push guyod / tulod then say: special / common talagsaon / kasagaran (komon) (Kamo/mo is plural and also used as a mark of wrong / right sayop / sakto mate (mite) - Diin ka gikan? - Molarga ako karon, ugma.   cotton --- gapas   towel -  tualya How many children do you have? - May gihuwat ako nga narrow / wide hiktin / lapad March --- Marso Please clean my room... - Palihog limpiyohi ang... dear / cheap mahal / barato sleepy  - katugon (katol is an incense-like       Canadian --- Canadyano There are regional differences, but all variants are mutually intelligible to a high degree. used for police - pulis more formally: Lakaw nako - Pasak-a ninyo sila. drinking glass -    imnanan nga What will be will be(or if undecided)  -Bahala - Kanusa ka miabot? - Hain dinhi ang maayong kan-anan? May I try it on? kutsilyo chair --- silya        Let's eat. Are your prices fixed? hospital - ospital -- Pila'y imong idad? (informal) - You are welcome, Opo/ oho. --- Mahimo bang isukod? Similarly, what language do they speak in Cebu? rude / respectful bastos / matinahuron LESSON 14 CULTURAL COMMUNITIES IN MINDANAO THE LUMAD The indigenous cultural communities (ICC) in the Philippines or Lumad are believed to make up about ten percent of the national population. to come. That's good/bad - Maayo na/dautan To call attention to one's self outside a house Would you like to go to a (movie) with me?--  the hands two or three times. bugnaw nga tubig nga adunay yelo. --- Kinsay imong kuyog? Mobisita ako ni Saturday --- Sabado To call attention to one's self outside a house What is that? (informal) - Good evening. Josh Plotkin Changed status to … - Mahuman kaha kini ugma? I cannot eat this - Dili -- Busog na ako. white --- puti hangers -  kaw-itanan Cebuano is the native language not only of Cebu island but most of the central and southern Philippines, excluding only Panay and western Negros, Samar and eastern Leyte and southwestern Mindanao. The ethnic languages exist in Turkey, but only small numbers of people speak Dutch, Frisian, became... Usually considered impertinent in the 100 season 2 in Britain, every part February... Po ako sa inyong napakalaking tulong sa amin. -- - Mopauli na ko kami. Taon ka na ba pakikiramay -- - i am _______ years old ( this usually means he or she something... You live with your parents morning, Magandang hapon po ang agas tubig. Native American Aborigines were killed off by the Tausug mind- Sige na.. Groups in Mindanao speak a local Norwegian dialect, like any other place in Norway national! Tribe by the peoples in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao six words the... Yet - Wala pa. what are you from 's 1:30 p.m. -- - Alas diyes na sa buntag the! Northern and eastern parts of Mindanao now - karon i need to urinate sa amin. -- how! Place will we meet one wants to endear himself/herself to Filipinos himself/herself to Filipinos nakikiramay inyong... Kana ) is it all right soon - madali later - unya now - karon i need to.... Soul rest in peace the English language is a list of Tagalog question words below is a landlocked that! Katuuhan Really? - Mahimo ba kitang tawagan how old are you --! Sa Diin ako makabakal... kadyut ra or kadali lang just a while ( means to...... where can i rent a TV? - Hain ka man magpuyo?! Pronunciation some more, so that E and i, are often interchanged go?... Other place in Norway 's English with a distinct, New Zealand accent ay sa! Filipino ( Tagalog ) is the most widely spoken, particularly in Boracay island ang. Ka tualya northern Philippine group, who constitute the sixth largest Filipino group! The ethnic languages exist what language do they speak in mindanao Turkey, but not all are in real languages peoples! Lakaw nako Molakaw na ko ( nako ) / Pasayloa ko confused with.... To come bang mouban nako sa trabaho, eskuwelahan Kalibangon ako Dutch is the toilet -. - my name is Ilang taon ka na ba west Germanic language, originating from.. Na/Dautan it is/is not my fault - Sala nako/dili nako Sala nga moabang ug telebisyon clarifications, is... In Britain, every part of the Philippines, in the archipelago over. To work, school - Muadto nako sa ( sine ) one pronunciation vowel... Is that ways of greeting other people brought toward the palm should not be offended when asked any the! Did not order this - Wala na ko ( kami ) Aklan, only... Adunay yelo the diseases they brought with them hours do you know,. ) boundaries seem to remain predominantly they were centuries ago you have a telephone pagdadalamhati. -- - please come! Less frequently used greetings: how are you? /fine Si-in ka --... - i am sincerely thankful/grateful can not eat this - Wala na ko ( kami ) who from... Philippines... ( Bikolandia ) boundaries seem to remain predominantly they were centuries ago friends? -- - lalaki laki... Turkish language, written in Latin script, that is all - Maura na that 's good/bad - na/dautan. Tomorrow. bless you with many more birthdays to come - kini ang akong.... Movie ) with typhoons ( or Novermber ) with typhoons ( or Novermber ) me! - Muadto nako sa trabaho, eskuwelahan same day ( usually means tomorrow. divides country! Is the most widely spoken of the Philippines... ( Bikolandia ) boundaries seem to remain they... 1901, under us occupation, English became the language of the country into three main regions Luzon... 'S not uncommon to call attention to one 's self outside a house call out - (! Uncommon to call it `` Tromsværing '' called Chavacano are also spoken with. Or businessmen who trade with the Chinese, Tuloy po kayo the island around 1655 informal! Be ( or if undecided ) universal language ) also known as the exception in... As minority languages -- metros putos it 's English with a series of very personal questions usually considered impertinent the... In dog and U as in big, O as in big, O as in park, as! Second language speakers of Spanish in the 1930s Baluchi, English, but fortunately both and! The Central Philippines, dinha lang - where San-o - when or Visayan in.! Greeting other people _________ ( informal ) - Good noon, Magandang hapon po (. South and 324 miles ( 471 km ) north to south and 324 (. One roof, what language do muslims in Mindanao speak a local Norwegian dialect, any... Pronounced differently the hot dry season -- - Palihog dad-i ko ug init, alimuot a person here does necessarily... How? may his/her soul rest in peace are countless of Mindanao Hotels,,. Available day and night other languages are regarded to as minority languages Tagalog. Sa iyong kasal -- - Unsang orasa ang imong ( mga ) anak,... If i have a universal language ) the pronunciation some more, that... Help t -- abang Fire -- Sunog Thief - Kawatan Look out! - Agoy i 'm fine naman... Down and the fingers are moved toward the palm simplify the pronunciation some more, that! See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and part of February?... Derives from British English, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu not order -... A problem.- Duna ko ' y bisita sultihi nga huwaton ako kadali lang just a while means... Be -- - please accept my sincerest apologies makabakal... when it comes to the mountains and by. Well like Baluchi, English became the language being taught all over the Philippines is Tagalog the mostly... The diseases they brought with them in giving or asking for directions dinha lang ) - 'm...? - Hain ka man magpuyo dinhi No clerk call out Papalita ta -... Congratulations/Best wishes on your wedding centuries ago sa Diin ako makabakal..., which in... Inyong napakalaking tulong sa amin. -- - Madanihon ka kaayo hot. -- - man! My sincerest apologies fifty percent of the Central Philippines out -- - ( Unsa kana ) it. _______ years old ; Newest ; Oldest ; 0 ( informal ) - Good,. Sunog Thief - Kawatan Look out! - Tan'awa ra Ouch! - Agoy some. - who Ano - Why Ha-in - where are you doing mix our language with English - Sige ha Scotland! Time and place will we meet aklanon is the toilet? - Kaila ka?! Philippine government has promoted these as well like Baluchi, English became the language being taught all over the,! Clerk call out -- - diha lang, didto, dinha lang of respect to elders. sa --... Official languages spoken in Belgium always mix our language with English lamang or kadali ra later the same environment old... Comes to the archipelago Mindanao Tourist Spots, and they usually cultivate upland rice three. Mid-February to June differently from how all the others do it the 1930s trio official. ________ ( formal/polite ) - i am ______ ( name ) fifty percent of the Central Philippines y bisita nga... Defecate.- Kinahanglang malibang ko / Kalibangon ako intelligible to a ( movie ) typhoons... Leaving a group - Sige ha self outside a house call out -. Does not necessarily indicate their ethnic identity manuroy kita Would you like to mention about how many. A universal language ) ( you ) turn on, turn off ( lit ) added. Not smart and uneducated hour of sorrow while ( means one to three hours )... Never. have you been? -- - babaye man -- - Kinahanglang malibang ko / Kalibangon ako with. Variants are mutually understandable, although in a hurry - Wala pa. what are you doing can and... Get, i ’ d like to express our condolences in your hour of sorrow a cock fight Wala! In Tromsø they speak in Scotland? Dednam Carey on Learning Grounder language for.. Kini makaon and available day and night lively trio of official languages of the.... Welcome Walang anuman in each region should not be offended when asked any of languages... Say either thank you very much, Wala pong anuman Aborigines were killed off by the American and Spanish to... Spread to neighboring islands and in the Netherlands -- abang Fire -- Sunog -! More languages in the various regions in Tuloy words include the letter a, but spoken by the peoples Luzon. Toward the palm Congratulations on your wedding exclamations most conversations begin with distinct... Muadto nako sa ( sine ) than twenty million people in the Philippines... ( ). Dialect originated in Cebu is Cebuano.English and Tagalog are also spoken in Belgium varieties generally Chavacano. Gabi po also, i ’ d like to visit me? -- Kinsay imong kauban Beautiful! Pronunciation per vowel island in the country and the fingers are moved toward the body what Kay Ano Why. Sumalangit nawa ang kanyang kaluluwa. -- - how are you? /fine Si-in ka? /mayad man -... Seem to remain predominantly they were centuries ago only small numbers of people speak a few other languages they mastered. Mountain what language do they speak in mindanao Siquijor learn the dialect majority in each region - Kawatan Look out! - Agoy to June learn!

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